About Stuart

Having spent many years in the profession of Human Resources, with a focus on Management and Leadership Development I have worked with a number of people and many teams supporting the view, that ‘we are capable of so much more than what we first believe possible’ I have worked with teams and individuals on the concept of goal setting, creating desire and belief, gaining alignment and focus to overcome obstacles and deliver challenging results.

For several years I have practised these concepts in my personal life as well as my professional one and have set myself goals to achieve; goals that at first would appear beyond my capability. I have enjoyed setting these challenges and have been incredibly well supported by colleagues, family and friends with my fundraising too generating, either on my own or with my LE-JOG team, over £40,000 over the last 8 years. However, running a 3hrs 30min marathon, completing the toughest half-ironman or cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats do seem, even to me, slightly more doable than my next goal!

Swimming has always been part of my life, my parents met at Hornchurch Swimming Club and both of them went on to swim for the county – my father made it to the National Championships.  It’s rumoured I learnt to swim at the same time I learnt to walk (apparently, I learnt to swim as a way to get back to the steps in order to have another jump – or dive – off the diving board at Walton-on-the Naze), I went on to Swim in national competitions for Essex schools, and now my daughter is enjoying swimming success too, swimming for Northampton Swimming Club.

It’s also worth note that I am from an era (I’ve just turned 40) when channel swimmers had their successful swims televised on Blue Peter and Newsround as well as the 6 O’clock evening news. I can recall the images of a man or woman being covered in goose fat before wading into the sea and being celebrated on the shores of France.

I believe I was about 8 years old when I told Chris Tredget, my class friend, that I too was going to successfully swim the channel one day!  –  I may or may not have known then how much I meant it, but I do know that flame of hope, desire and belief has burned away inside me for many years!

So, last year I agreed with my wife Christine and daughters Megan and Sarah, that this was the next challenge, the next goal.  I started my training in May 2010 and booked my place on the 2nd neap tide in September 2011. 

Wish me luck!

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  1. You might enjoy this:

    Register for 5th UK Cold Water Swimming Championship 2011

    31 October 2011: Registration for the 5th UK Cold Water Swimming Championship 2011 opens today. Competitors can register by visiting http://www.slsc.org.uk and clicking on the CWSC 11 tab. The championship is organised by South London Swimming Club (SLSC) and takes place on Saturday 22 January 2011 at Tooting Bec Lido in South London.
    The entry fee is £12 (£10 for SLSC members) plus £6 per competition entered. This year, organisers are advising people to register well before the 24 December deadline as there are only 350 places and strong demand on the back of recent ‘wild swimming’ coverage on TV and in the media.
    This biennial event has become a ‘must’ for cold-water swimmers and also attracts many new converts. Age and ability is no barrier and with water temperatures down to 3°C, jumping in for the 30 yard race is considered an achievement in itself.
    In 2009, the championship attracted around 1,000 visitors to the pool. A spectator’s ticket is just £2.00 and provides a fun-filled programme of racing from 9am through to 3pm covering traditional “head up” breaststroke, freestyle dash and relays, plus the endurance 500 yard challenge.
    It’s a colourful event with music, comperes, outlandish swimming costumes and hats ranging from butterfly wings through to Bearskins. And to keep everyone warm, there’s hot tub and showers, a Finnish sauna, and a marquee and stalls selling fresh coffee, cakes, hog roast, vegetarian and boutique real ales.
    • Website: http://www.slsc.org.uk and click on the CWSC 11 tab
    • TV footage of 2009: http://www.itnsource.com/shotlist//ITN/2009/01/24/R24010903/
    • Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/UK-Cold-Water-Swimming-Championships-2011
    • Blog: http://coldwater2011.posterous.com
    • Sponsorship pack: http://www.slsc.org.uk/pdfs/CWSC2011_sponsorship_opps.pdf
    • Twitter: @slsclido hashtag: #coldwater2011
    • Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/116491950295609558303/ColdWaterSwimmingChampionships#
    • General: coldswim@slsc.org.uk and 07985 141 532.
    • Press: Jonathan Buckley on 07985 575 261 JBuckley@betweenthelines.fsnet.co.uk or Tom Butler on 07726360558 at twebutler@yahoo.co.uk .
    • Film/photography: No cost but must send a copy of public liability insurance to Maria Horn, Film Manager, Wandsworth Film Office, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ. mhorn@wandsworth.gov.uk. 020 8871 7119. http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/film

  2. all the best! wish you success. Sapna Choudhary

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