Ready, Steady, wait for it… Go! Go! Go!

After the false start of last weekend, we’re off… Tonight (well technically tomorrow morning 01:00am) we’ll be setting off on our 3 person – 2 way relay (France and back) Emma, Ian and I hope you’ll be following our GPS tracker (see previous blog – below) and following on twitter @stuartsswim   If you need to you can email – or text to 00447770637048

Wish us luck, we’ll keep you posted on our record setting attempt… (Hope you have a good nights kip –

Yours jealously….  The Repeat Offenders!

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2 Responses to Ready, Steady, wait for it… Go! Go! Go!

  1. Frank Breidenich says:

    Hello Stuart,
    soory to hear that the weather held you up (what else can ;-)?). I wish you and your team all the best and good luck with your swim whenever it may take place this week.

    Don´t mess with the tankers though! We need the oil and gas delivered ;-)!

    All the best

    Your co worker


    • sbranch says:

      Thanks Frank – didn’t waste the day just got back from 100 miles on the bike, good training session with 3 weeks before Ironman Wales!

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