The Eton boys…

Saturday and Sunday 2nd & 3rd of July were blissful – blue skies warm seas and the sun on your back all weekend. It was the Dover regatta weekend and the streets were full of stall holders amusement arcades and an odd stage for the band.  Saturday’s swims were interrupted by the 2 hour water embargo as the RAF Search and Rescue team displayed their expertise and after a 3 and a bit hour (no feed) swim in the morning

After the break I headed back in to assist Rupert, Monty and another lad from Eton College School complete their 2 hour qualifying swim for their planned relay later this month.  The boys did well – they flew off at a fast pace and my initial thoughts were if I’d be able to keep up, certainly not at this pace for 2 hours, but after the first 30 minutes they slowed down.  The boys got colder and colder and as they did they slowed their pace, Steve, Piglet and Sukura, Nic and I tried to push them harder and faster and after just over 2 hours 5 minutes I congratulated Monty and Rupert as they exited for the beach and a warm dry towel.

I decided that the weather was too good, the wind had dropped to nothing and so I headed back out for another hour or so – this was the flattest I had ever seen Dover harbour and it was idyllic!


Sunday’s swim was a straight 6 hour swim – I was feeling strong and so decided to pass on the 2 hour feed, I was pushing myself hard and wanted to make 5 (aprox 1.5mile) laps before the 3 hours was up, which I did, after then I swam for the next 3 hours completing 2 miles on each, the wind picked up and the chop got a bit bigger, but still nothing like previous weeks and while the sun was still bright and warm I pushed hard each hour to keep up my pace.

A fabulous weekend.

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2 Responses to The Eton boys…

  1. Some great reading here Stuart….. as with LEJOG09 sounds like the whole experience is one great big journey for you. Very much looking forward to being part of it….. IF timings work me….

  2. Jean Gillett says:

    You leave me speechless in admiration

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