Another great weekend in Dover

6 Hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday meant that I completed more than the Channel’s 21 miles over a weekend, having clocked the distance on a couple of occasions before I knew that I had swum over 12 miles on Saturday and another 10 on Sunday.  Saturdays swim was good and Sunday’s even better, the highlight of Sundays had to be the ‘bloody mad hour’ when Simon who I had been swimming with for 3 hours announced that the next hour should be our ‘power hour’ he said he was going to sprint the full hour, I have to admit I was getting a little cold, but was feeling quite good, so decide to swim with him, off we set towards the wall, I really was sprinting as fast as I could to try to keep up with Simon, but by hook or by crook I stayed with him. As we touched the wall, I told him not to wait for me, I’d keep up if I could, but no to wait.

We sprinted off again and had gone about another 10 minutes and Simon pulled away from me and was out of view, for the next 20 mins to half an hour I really wanted to let up and ease off the pace – I didn’t, I stayed strong and kicked my legs hard, my arms felt as if they were windmills charging round at a fast pace and about quarter of a mile or less from the far wall, I saw Simon again 10 or so feet in front, he clocked me at the same time and the two of us went into turbo charge – we really were sprinting as hard as we both could – it was quite surreal , we’d been swimming for more than 3 and a half hours, both knew we had about an hour and a half to go – but our hearts were pounding as we raced through the water. We touched the wall and both tried to talk the other ‘out of’  heading back again to the wall at the same rate as we’d just swum, but we didn’t, heads down into the wind we shot off again – THIS IS MAD!  This time it was me who pulled away from Simon, but I am sure I wasn’t maintaining the pace we’d been putting in, although I did notice how warm I was, I had certainly generated some heat and my heart working as it was had pumped the blood all around my body.

I saw Simon a short while after at the next feed, it was then that we picked up Kevin who was not in such a good state, he was incredibly cold, without talking Simon and I both knew he needed some assistance and supervision in the water and so our reward for our power hour was a considerably slower final hour of warm down, and although ‘warm down’ I certainly did – it was with the peace of mind that we god Kevin through his last hour and back to the beach safely.

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