I dont like Mondays!

After a tough weekend in Dover – WHO ON EARTH would set the alarm on a bank holiday Monday at 04:15 and go training???

Well, that’s what Sarah and I did and todays set with Jacqui Marshalls squad, in a 33m pool was…

5 x 5 alternating Frontcrawl & Backstroke

4 x 5 IM order rolling the extra stroke (I did freestyle on each of the flys)

12 x 10 (I did 12 x 8s) Frontcrawl

6 x 10 – 1 free followed by 9 kick

A hard 6 and a half km and fit for nothing for the rest of the day!  aaaahhhh my shoulders ache!

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1 Response to I dont like Mondays!

  1. David Perrin says:

    Crikey, I can think of better ways to spend your bank holiday! Ultimate respect for your commitment.

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