Me and my big mouth!

Back in Dover today, another day of blue skies, warm sun and little wind. I’m looking forward to what I have heard will be just one swim, my guess is 3 hours! After chatting and changing we gather around to get our instructions from Freda.  2 hours for us all, in after an hour for a feed and then back out for 1 more.  I have to say, I’m rather surprised, I would have thought we’d be in for longer, but you don’t argue with Freda, so 2 hours it is and off we go. Today feels good, I’m swimming well and enjoying the view of the white cliffs and Dover castle as I turn and breathe.  As were not going to be in for long, I push myself quite hard and calculate that I could make 4 laps from the beach to the wall and then on to the 3rd breakwater, pushing hard, I come in after 2 laps and just over an 1 hour for my first feed. half a cup of Maxim and one Jelly Baby – out I head again, I’m still going for the 4 laps although I know this will make me a little late. As I come up to the beach on the last lap, I did pull in early, pushing for the breakwater before turning back to the beach, a quick look at my watch and its 2 hours 20 mins!  As I approach the beach and yell out my number (swimmer number 3 today) to Barry, he asked me if I was getting carried away, just enjoying myself I told him – “why dont you stay in longer then” Barry asked (Oh me and my big mouth) now this will test my mental strength… knowing I was getting out – I was telling myself I was in great shape, feeling good; now someone suggest I go and do another 40 mins!

I did, had another quick drink of Maxim, one more Jelly Baby and off I went. Swimming with both Howard (training for a North Channel Swim – this year) and Atlantic Dan (you can guess what he’s training for), another lap and a half and I came in just after 3 hours. Great swim felt great!  Off to Ella baguette with Emma France – who’s birthday is today “Many Happy Returns Emma”.

Final words from Freda (said in jest), as I am about to leave the beach…  “I need to show people who’s in charge around here, people swimming 3 hours when they are told to do 2 hours and then get out and say how good they feel… People who do that deserve 4 hours tomorrow…”

Again – Me and my big mouth!!!

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