Why Help The Charities

We might sometimes ask ourselves – why is it that we need to help these charities, people seem  to be able to live ‘normal lives’ with diseases such as Diabetes these days – do we really need to work harder to find a cure?

The answer to this question was once again brought close home to me just this last week; while many, many, many people not just in the UK but all over the world were enjoying the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Wedding, my dad was recovering from his ordeal on Thursday…

On Thursday morning, just like any other morning Mum and Dad got up to do their daily chores, Mum left the house planning to be back in a few hours, Dad got up did is usual insulin injection, had his breakfast and set about his own chores too, or so he thought!

It appears that Dad in fact probably had two injections, forgetting that he had taken the first, and in addition to that may not have had any breakfast, within a short while he was ‘Hipo’ (too low on blood sugar level) and within minutes was delirious before blacking out.

When Mum came home, after circa four hours, she was greeted with a sight which she just knew, meant they had been burgled, chairs turned over, draws all pulled out, and blood on the walls, the blood obviously concerned her and she was already calling out for Dad.

The kitchen, lounge and dining room all looked ransacked, before she found Dad in the garden room slumped over the sofa, she soon realised that he needed some sugar and proceeded with the required first aid (first aid just for the Diabetes).

Needless to say that the house had not been burgled and the damage had been done by Dad while he was hipo and blacked out, and would appear, from the photo attached, that a fair amount of damage had been caused as he literally stumbled through each room.

So is living with Diabetes easy?

What would have happened if Mum’s Alzheimer’s has been more developed?

Do we need more support, more funding, more research for a cure for both these diseases?

I’ll let you be the judge!…

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