So Stuart, what’s the training plan?

Many people ask me – what does it take to train for a Channel swim?

Well in all honesty, I’ll be able to answer that only after September 2011.

What I can share though at this stage is the committment that not just I have mad, but also the committment and support my wonderful family, Christine, Megan & Sarah have made to allow me to be in Dover almost every weekend between now and September…

DOVER Training Plan 2011

These weekends will prove critical for the acclimatisation for the cold as well as conditioning for the waves, swell, jellyfish and general weather conditions. I will follow the instructions of Freda and the Beach Crew and will expect to be doing back to back (Saturday and Sunday) swims of circa 7 hours by late June.

These sessions are in addition to the pool training I will maintain, mostly focussing on technique and sprint-work to maintain the stroke form and build the cardiovascular strength.

My blogs will keep you updated on the progress and the incidents along the way, but as I have said before, if anyone wishes to join me in Dover or for anywhere for any training session I’d be delighted to hear from you!

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