Choppy, choppy, choppy

Having spent an hour or so on the beach reading my book on Saturday afternoon (two hours after finishing our swims) looking out, jealously, at the pancake like water, I had hoped that Day 2 in Dover might be a little less choppy than the day before.

It’s hard to give a sense of what its like sometimes, even as a very confident swimmer and a relatively confident sea swimmer the waves, or swell, or chop really do knock you about and make it difficult to get any kind of rhythm in your stroke, breathing is a lottery as to whether you’ll gasp that much-needed oxygen for your lungs or if you’ll get just another mouthful of the finest british sea water as another wave slap you across the chops!

Some of you may think I am exaggerating, until I tell you that during the second of our two swims Andy Dickson had stopped to help a lady who was in some amount of pain, helping her out of the water onto the beach and quickly into the medical centre Sue had actually dislocated her shoulder as she had been hit by a wave (in the chop of the water) catching her arm at the wrong angle in her stroke, and out it popped – backwards!  Ouch!

Freda did hear from Sue later that the shoulder was now back in place and that she was out of pain! – A little surprised as to how quickly she was ‘out of pain’ Freda enquired how they had put the shoulder back, the reply….  an hour or so ago with an injection of morphine!!!  –

For me, the Sunday swims were good we completed a 45 min swim followed by a one hour, and best of all – Ian Down – my swimming buddy was back down at the beach, he and I cruised through the 11 degree (according to Ian’s flashy new watch) water as if it were a continuation of the 2010 training – great to see you mate!

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