From the Queensland Pacific to Dover Harbour

Well that’s a ‘welcome home’!!!!

From the warm temperatures of the Indian Ocean, Perth and then the Pacific waters on the Great Barrier Reef, the water in Dover harbour was cold and choppy. However, I am pleased to say that the welcome (back) from the Beach crew was as inviting, calm and warm as ever.

Freda’s instructions were: 30 mins for the first swim at 9am, which I coped with well exiting the water after about 35mins and then at 11am Freda wanted us to complete 40.

I set off with Andy and we headed as instructed, left to the first groin and then turned around and headed to the wall (on the right), we were there after just 22 mins so decided to head for a second lap, the feeling hadn’t returned to my toes before we got in at 11, so although I was already cold, I wasn’t feeling too much shock to the system, and in all honesty the water temperatures felt much warmer today than this time last year.

We returned back to the beach after about 46mins and dried and dressed quickly before heading off with Cliff, Atlantic Dan and others to ‘Baguette Ella’ for a ‘Bacon and Stilton’ baguette and large mug of tea!

Overnight tonight in the Dover Premier Inn before learning how quickly Freda is going to increase the times and distances and therefore what’s in store for tomorrow!

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