Training swim with Adrian Moorhouse

There has been a change of date for my swim with Adrian..

Datchet Lake at 0600-0845 on Tuesday 7th  of June.

I am delighted that I am still able to confirm a date for the opportunity to swim with Adrian Moorhouse.

My training partner on 7th June

So far my fundraising stands at £2,500, this is great, but I am hoping, with Adrian’s huge name in both swimming and the Olympics, and with all of the media coverage of London 2012 this will be an excellent opportunity to generate some more sponsorship and much needed publicity and awareness for The Alzheimer’s Society and Diabetes UK

So if you are able to join me on Tuesday 7th of June at Datchet Lake at 06:00 (am) then we’d love to see you there.

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2 Responses to Training swim with Adrian Moorhouse

  1. Martin Brooks says:

    Is this Datchet Lake as in Datchet Reserviour just West of Heathrow? If so I might come and say hello (and do a days windsurfing too).

  2. sbranch says:


    It is the same Datchet Lake/Reserviour – it’ll be great to see you there!

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