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Training in Adelaide…

Well although we’re safely back in the UK, a quick comment on the training in Australia, Sarah and I had enjoyed a training session in Perth and now we found ourselves in Adelaide, another lovely 50 meter, outdoor pool, not with a club this time, but with our other great friends in Aus’, Chris, Jane, Harvey and Ella Wood. Todays session was 4 x 5 x 50 IM order rotating the extra stroke (in other words 100, fly, 50 back, 50 breast and 50 front, followed by 50 fly, 100 back, 50 breast and 50 front and so on…)  That was for warm up, followed by 20 x 100 free on 1m40s for Sarah, 1m45 for Stuart and 1m50s for Chris, and this was then followed by 20 50’s on times near half that of the 100’s.  It was great to be in another beautiful outdoor 50 meter pool surrounded by parklands, green fields and mature trees with the sounds of the kookaburra’s!

The training was very successful, Chris and I very successfully cheated by doing freestyle on all the fly lengths, (I think Chris did free on most of the backstroke and some of the breaststroke too) and even with that we were subjected to the usual ‘keep up if you can’ demonstration by Sarah as we watched her feet disappear in the distance under the water!

One session was all Chris and I managed and after this sent Sarah off to do her further sessions with the Adelaide swimming club.

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