Down Under

We arrived yesterday in Perth after the infamous 29-hour journey, lovely to see the beautiful city of Perth and even better to see our friends Paul, Craig, Caitlyn & Tomas. Today I completed a couple of training sessions, one on the beautifully warm Indian Ocean and then later I had a really good hour training set  swim in the Bayswater Waves 50m outdoor pool.  This second training session was while Sarah joined in a sqaud coached by Wayne DeLacy – Thanks Wayne – Great guy! who looked after Sarah and improved her breaststroke breathing.

Tomorrow we’re off to Rottness Island, which is approximately 20k from Perth, Dave who has won the Rottness Race – from Rottness to Perth, swims with Wayne too, and hope to have a crack at the English channel too.  Dave you will be very welcome in the UK, drop me a line when you’re coming over to the UK and I’ll introduce you to Freda and the Dover beach crew! 

I did consider a training swim back from Rottness tomorrow, but have been reliably informed that a support boat is compulsory and Christine’s made some comment about this is a holiday not a training camp!

Update again before Adelaide!


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2 Responses to Down Under

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi Stu,

    Glad you are all having fun fun fun! Keep up the training and say hi to Woddy when you see him.

    Look forward to hearing all about it.


  2. Glad you are enjoying the holiday down under and getting some quality training in.
    Visited the Duston Tri today and experienced 400m of what you will be doing for a good +13 hours in Septemeber.

    Looking forward to supporting your channel swim in September as a designated ‘feeder’.

    Safe trip home to you, Christine and the girls.

    Best Wishes
    Tony & Sharon

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