Doing Something Funny for Money

Some of you who know me through my swimming, will have seen me ‘appropriately’ dressed in my speedos – more commonly known these days as ‘budgie smugglers’ – but it was in the aid of Red Nose Day that I donned my swimming atire to bath in an unpleasant mixture of 12 catering sized tins of baked beans and cold water -nice! well I have to admit, probably nicer for me than for my work colleagues seeing me in the office in nothing more than my trunks!!   But we did it, photos to follow, but we raised more than £200 towards  Comic Relief.   Before you ask…

1. Yes the bath was Heritage – now on sale at a considerable discount!

2. Yes I did shower before returning to my desk, and

3. No, please, please tell me the baked beans wont be recycled in the canteen.  I bet the sales of ‘Jacket n Beans’ will decline steeply over the next few weeks.

Thanks to the Bristan Group Social Coordinators for organising the days fundraising and congratulations to Comic Relief for the amazing £45m Red Nose Day total – brilliant!

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