Watch this space

Within Masco, we are currently working with an organisation on Leadership Development the company is called Lane 4. Now the swimmers amongst my blog followers will know that Lane 4 is always awarded to the fastest qualifier in an event final (followed by lane, 5,3,6,2,7,1,8 to get the spearhead formation of swimmers) So again it will not come as that great surprise to know that the founder of Lane 4 with his belief that ‘Lane 4 – a place where champions (of leadership) come from’ is Adrian Moorhouse. the last British male to win an Olympic Gold medal in the pool.   So when I had an email from one of his directors last week suggesting that we should try and get a date for Adrian and I to do a training swim together – I was rather thrilled and excited!  I might have a few more details on this after this week – I will keep you posted!

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