Training has started well in 2011, although 2010 ended rather poorly with the snow, Christmas meals and parties and just good lazy living.  2011 has had me out running (3 times this week) a few sessions on the turbo-trainer, in the garage and a couple of swims already, and back into the Thursday AM sessions.

Thursday 13th, up at 04:20 and in the pool at 05:15am, Sarah and I swim with Northampton Swimming Club and this week I asked Andy Sharp to help with my training. So after my normal first 1 hour set Andy tested my speed and strength and then set me on 20 x 3 (33m pool) on 1 minute 40s – The first 3 went well the next 2 OK, and then I was hindered on the next 5 with my heart beating so fast and hard that I thought it was trying to escape from my chest!  I agreed with Andy to do 2 x 10, with a swim-rest in between – which I sort of managed with the second set making 5 on 1:40 and 5 on 1:45.  It was during this session – sprinting really hard that I decided ‘time to ‘fess up’ – I was swimming 90-95% full pace to make these times – Sarah and freinds, swimming in the lane next to me, aslo having now swum for 1hour 20, were still lapping me!  so… I think January 2011 is the date when I have to confess – if my daughter challenges me to a race anything over probably 100 meters – she’d win.

Well – that’s just for now – we’ll see how well my training goes in the next few months!

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2 Responses to MARK THE DATE!!!!!

  1. Martin Brooks says:

    Hey I’m no swimming expert but for my money you just need to man up a bit!

    Enjoy those Thursday morning lie ins ‘till 4.20am.

    Keep it up as September will soon be here
    All the best

  2. sbranch says:

    Thanks for reminder Martin, you’re right – Just 245 days to go!

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