Northampton Swimming Club

There are many people I am looking forward to mention in these blogs over the coming months, this week I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Northampton Swimming Club, NSC. Thank you for two reasons: one of which I am sure you know, the second, possibly not!

NSC has been the home for one of my daughters, Sarah’s, swimming now for 4 years, her current training schedule is circa 14 hours a week and over the years Christine and Megan have done their fair share of ferrying Sarah backwards and forwards, and as I say under the supervision of NSC Sarah is developing into a good little swimmer.

Last summer I asked Jacqui Marshall, Director of Swimming if the club would support me with my training. The answer was ‘yes’ and NSC have allowed me to train once or twice a week along with Sarah and her squad and with winter now consisting of only pool swimming, I want to state my thanks, Thank you Jackie Marshall and Andy Sharp and Belinda Smith, Head coach and Head Junior coach.

The second Thanks to NSC, is for being a part of my decision to book place for the channel swim next year. Over the years when it’s been my turn to run Sarah back and forth I have always tried to ‘get involved in the swimming’ and from my first meetings with Sarah Greasy I have thoroughly enjoyed our association with NSC.

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