Road Crash

Heading for my training session yesterday, Sunday, I and Trevor Ray decided to ride our bikes… And for those who don’t know, last year we along with 5 others completed our ride cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats – during the 18 months of training and 1,100 miles of the challenge its self – I had only a couple of minor crashes and no motor vehicle incidents!!  Yesterday, however, we rode from Silverstone to Brackley and 50 yards from the car park enterance, I was hit from behind by a young female driver (Girl Racer)!  She knocked me clean off and catapulted me several yards down the road. Needless to say my bike is in a sorry state of affairs with buckled back wheel, extensive damage to the group set and a possible cracked frame.  As for me – Christine drove me to Banbury A&E where after 5.5 hours I was diagnosed with only whiplash and body-shock.

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