Training update …

Having lost my training buddy, Ian, ‘cos he successfully completed his cross channel swim on Tuesday in a time of 15 hours and 47 minutes, I only managed 14.5 lengths yesterday!!!!
Whilst you may think 15 isn’t a great number of lengths for someone who planning to swim the channel in less than 410 days time, I should point out that each length is fractionally under 1 mile.
My training pool on a weekend at is Dover Harbour, so actually I was happy to complete my first 7 hour swim and receive my 6 hour qualifying swim certificate.
Megan & Sarah were there with Christine, in the rain, to see me off just before 9am and then were back on the sunny beach 8 hours later for my last feed (with one hour to go). I later learned they’d enjoyed a fun-packed day in Canterbury.
Swim in stats:
Jellies – nil, Feeds – JB x 1 , Banana x 1, choc x 4, Stomach cramps – x 1, Miles – 14+, Hours – 7, Swimming buddy – Michael, Sores – nil,
…. Stuart

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